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Seametrics® Flowmeters and Controls


Since 1990, Seametrics has been the premier provider for flow meters and controls. The product line includes mechanical insertion meters, pulse meters, electronic turbine meters, and electromagnetic (mag meters) in a variety of designs suitable to a wide range of applications. Their guiding principles of simplicity, durability, and affordability have made them the industry standard.



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Custom-Manufactured Pumping Solutions

custom mfg

Our 8,000 square-foot manufacturing facility is staffed with engineers and technicians who have the knowledge and expertise to design and fabricate a custom system for your customer’s site-specific considerations. Our capabilities include:

  • custom length continuous motor leads
  • certified oil field splices
  • custom control panel design
  • flow sleeve and wheeled shrouds
  • skid-mounted pump systems
  • prepackaged remediation systems



CRI pumpsC.R.I.® Pumps

C.R.I. is a leading pump manufacturer for domestic, wastewater, industrial, oil & gas, CBM, pressure boosting, irrigation, and more. Their complete lines of submersible pumps are intensely engineered and ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. They offer a wide range of pumps, including 4”, 6”, 8”, and 10”, all made from high-quality 304/316-grade stainless steel.  Flow ranges up to 1080 GPM and up to 1470’ TDH.



If you are a manufacturer trying to establish or grow your distribution in North America, Kinetic Fluids can help. Contact us today.

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